Big News! Black-ish will officially be back for a second season!

Beach Waves and Bow Ties

My Amazing Visit to Harvard University!

Okay, so last week my cousin Nasir (known to Hip Hop fans as NAS) was the first Hip Hop artist to have a fellowship bestowed in his name at Harvard University, for aspiring students and professors to further their research in the arts. My mommy and I flew to Boston to celebrate with him and […]

Education and acting….funny how connected they are!

As a freshmen, this whole really fast pace, heavy work load, constant tests and quizzes is fairly new to me. Luckily, I have handled it pretty well. Although High school is way harder then middle school, I think it’s more enjoyable than middle school (Don’t get me wrong, middle school was fun as well). This […]

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Japanese erasers are the best!

Am I the only one that can say I rub colorful panda butts on my paper when ever I make mistakes? Anyone else…..hello???

What Does the Fox Say?

Okay, this has been trending online and I love it, have fun!

Life is what ha…

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. –John Lennon Just a little reminder not to get caught up in life’s rat race, and to take a step back to look at the bigger picture. Lets enjoy life as we live it, not after or before, but in the moment.

The Marathon

Okay, so last week I was carpooling with my friends to school. My school is on a hill, I kinda big hill. Well, on the way to school with only 10 minutes to spare, the car breaks down because of a flat tire… at the bottom of the hill…..there was a whole hill ahead of […]

Where to begin…..

Okay so I know that I have apologized in the last post for not posting and I shall do the same here.. Im Sorry… do you forgive me? Well I have made it my mission to post way more often then I have been. Here’s a little life update from where I last left off: […]

Wonder twins unite

Okay sorry for not posting very often but I’m in Chicago with my family !! I have had do much fun! We have gone up to spring field and went to Lincoln museum – which is a must see! We have also had a movie marathon and just hung out !!

I think that today I shall confess my love of Dora – the little girl who got to go over troll bridges and crocodile lakes to new countries with her pet monkey ,boots. I say “seatbelts so we can stay safe ” every time I enter the car . And I still get shivers when […]

Museum of Tolerance

Yesterday afternoon my auntie and I went to the Museum of Tolerance located off of West Pico in Los Angeles. While we would have needed another hour and a half to look at all of the exhibits, I feel like the Holocaust exhibit is so heavy that I would have been unable to see the […]